TN Lawmaker Calls Claim Of Students Being Allowed To Use Litter Boxes A ‘Growing Crisis’

Oct 3, 2022 | Political News

A hearing of a Tennessee Legislature Committee has surpassed thousands of views online, where two state lawmakers report that their constituents say that there are children in Tennessee identifying as “furries” being allowed to use the restroom in litter boxes at school. 

No proof was provided or asked for in the meeting, but all agreed it was a worrying trend. 

Representative Mary Littleton (R-Dickson) of the Charter School Commission asked, “I just have one quick (question), do charter schools allow furries to come as furries to class, which is children identifying as cats or dogs?” 

Senator Janice Bowling (R- Tullahoma) followed the question with more concerns after the question was answered that they do not allow that. 

“Unfortunately, I’m hearing this in my rural districts where maybe schools are not fully disclosing that they are allowing children who identify as snakes, cats, whatever, they are providing litter boxes,” Bowling said. “So, I thank you Rep. Littleton for addressing this growing crisis.”