Thugs in Far Left City Steal Catalytic Converters from Police Vehicles

Sep 19, 2022 | Political News

In yet another instance of left-wing criminal justice policies going awry, criminals this week stole catalytic converters from police vehicles right from underneath the noses of authorities in San Francisco.

The converters, which are often targeted by criminals due to the precious metals used to make them, were stolen from police vehicles outside the Special Operations Bureau of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

Making matters even more embarrassing for the police department, the theft took place in an area filled with cops at 17th street and DeHaro. The Special Operations Bureau contained the SWAT team and Bomb Squad, per Breitbart.

“On September 12, 2022, at approximately 1 p.m., a San Francisco Police Officer discovered a marked police truck parked in the area of 16th Street and De Haro Street had its catalytic converter stolen,” the SFPD media relations department explained, according to Mission Local. “The officer inspected other police vehicles, and discovered that another marked police truck and two marked police vans also had their catalytic converters stolen.” 

“The people engaging in this activity really don’t think much of the police if they think they can steal catalytic converters from the best of us,” said an SFPD officer.

The Golden City has had the theft of catalytic converters be a major problem for residents and police alike as criminals continue to roam the streets due to left-wing district attorneys.


Earlier this month, officers arrested a man who assaulted a police department following the theft of converters, however, it is becoming more difficult for officers to apprehend suspects.

“They’ll get away with it too,” stated a veteran SFPD officer about the incident of the stolen police converters. “And this is not the first incident.” 

Officers told the Mission Local that this isn't the first time that police vehicles have been broken into. An unmarked police car has also been stolen from the Special Operations Bureau at least once.

Crime in the city has hit residents hard with minorities being most affected. A new poll has found that 54 percent of black residents had something stolen from them over the past five years and 55 percent of mixed-race residents had similar experiences. Other races had similar statistics with 50 percent of Hispanics, 43 percent of Asians, and 43 percent of white residents having something stolen, per the San Francisco Chronicle.

It appears that in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, attempts at criminal justice reform which has led to soft-on-crime policies have led to the very people leftists want to help being affected the worst. Perhaps when the SFPD can get their converters back, they'll be able to fight back against the rampant crime, if local and state officials actually let them.

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