This Is Horrendous

May 20, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

What are your children being taught school?

A disturbing story out of Washington shows the lenghth school board members will go to sexualize your children.
Summit News reports:  

Jenn Mason, a member of the Bellingham Public Schools board of directors, will hold the June 1st event at her WinkWink Boutique in Bellingham.

“Come share and hold space for this celebration and stage for young queer voices in our community,” states a Facebook post advertising the event, encouraging all children aged “0 to 18 years old” to attend.

Mason’s WinkWink sex shop asserts, “We believe that normalizing, accepting and affirming all bodies, identities and gender experiences is an inherently political act. Pleasure is our revolution.”

When did we go from casual tolerance to endorsing lifestyles?

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