They Got ‘Their Money’s Worth’: Expert Says Tens of Millions Donated To Penn Biden Center Where Classified Documents Were Found From Anonymous Chinese Sources

Jan 15, 2023 | Political News

As President Joe Biden's presidency is engulfed in the classified document scandal, new details about where the documents were stored have emerged with some worrying potential connections to Communist China.

On Saturday, National Legal and Policy Center (NPLC) Chairman Peter Flaherty joined Fox News' “Fox & Friends Weekend” to discuss the Penn Biden Center which is where multiple documents were found over the week.

The center, which is owned by the University of Pennsylvania, has received numerous anonymous donations in recent years including a $14 million gift in 2018 when the documents were allegedly still stored in Biden's civilian office there. In total, the center has received over $30,000,000 in donations, according to Fox News.

“Colleges and universities around this country receive a lot of foreign money. UPenn is no different. They've received money from China and Saudi Arabia in the past,” NLPC Chairman Flaherty explained, adding, “What's significant here is that once the Biden Center was established, the gifts accelerated and much of the money was anonymous as you pointed out, there was a single $14 million anonymous gift in 2018 from a source in China.”

The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement was opened in February 2018 and is a think-tank that focuses on promoting democracy and American principles abroad.


“The attention that this whole thing is getting now is a great relief to us because we focused on this issue in 2020,” Flaherty said. “We tabulated the amounts of money from Chinese sources, and we filed a complaint with the Department of Education because universities are supposed to disclose any gift over $250,000.”

“And the University of Pennsylvania did not do that,” the NPLC Chairman stated. “Unfortunately, to our chagrin, the Education Department didn't do anything about it. So we now renew our call for the University of Pennsylvania to disclose who in China gave all this money to the Biden Center.”

When asked if the Chinese money is affecting the curriculum at the Penn Biden Center, Flaherty remarked that the Communist Party has “gotten their money's worth.”

“The Chinese may have gotten their money's worth. 150 UPenn professors wrote a letter to Merrick Garland last year saying that the China initiative, which is a law enforcement effort to root out Chinese espionage on American campuses, was racist,” he said. “It could be that these professors know where their bread is buttered.”

With the millions of dollars going to the Penn Biden Center from an anonymous Chinese source, it is anyone's guess as to what kind of influence may have been leveraged on the University of Pennsylvania. Only investigations into the matter will shine a light and give worried Americans answers.

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