The Trump/DeSantis 2024 Poll

May 10, 2023 | Political News

The news from the recent Political Media-Rasmussen Poll reveals a total rebuff of the Biden regime. And it’s one of monumental proportions. 

Not just in the seven to eight percentage point lead it gives Donald Trump over the hapless, hopeless Joe Biden. But in the stunning point-by-point rejection it deals Toxic Joe on every key major issue. 

In fact, it is the latter that is the real story of this starkly prognostic nationwide poll. 

The fact is, the Political Media-Rasmussen Poll reveals that on the top four issues facing the American people today, a Trump-DeSantis ticket trounces the Biden-Harris administration by an overwhelming majority.

On every issue, the Trump-DeSantis ticket receives not just a plurality – but a majority – of support from likely voters. 

And no president in recent history has suffered such a humiliating rejection. 

This could spell the end of the most incomprehensively inept presidential administration in American history. 

And, I believe you will agree: It’s about time!