The Swamp IRL: Elections Integrity Partnership

Oct 4, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

Have you heard of the Elections Integrity Partnership? It's a consortium of four private entities tasked with reporting “misinformation” to tech platforms.

Just the News described it today as, “A federal agency-backed censorship machine that affected thousands of web URLs and millions of social posts during the 2020 campaign… It claimed a success rate of 35% for content removal, labeling and “soft-blocking.”

And here's the crazy part:

“CISA and the DHS-funded Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center, as well as the State Department's Global Engagement Center and the Democratic National Committee, could also submit misinformation “tickets” through the consortium to tech platforms.

In other words, the federal government— and the DNC— have direct access to Big Tech, and are successful in their content censorship requests more than a third of the time. 

This is the Swamp. This is Big Tech and government working hand-in-hand to censor and take down dissenting voices and dangerous opposition.

This is why we need Freedom Tech.