The Pollo Effect

Jan 3, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot, 

It’s the New Year – so let’s start out on a light note…

But, then again, maybe not so much. 

The video above is of my little Honduran wife throwing our Mexican neighbor’s pollo (chicken) back over the fence after it escaped its coop onto our property.

Admittedly funny…

But hardly earthshaking, is it?

So, what, you may understandably ask, does all of that have to do with saving America from the fascist left takeover in the year of our Lord ahead, 2024?

Well, what it has to do with all of that is that in just one minute and eleven seconds, it exposes for all the world to see…

The full impact of the fascist left Biden’s disastrous policy of allowing 11,000,000 illegal aliens from south of the border to invade our country over the past three years. 

You see, what Toxic Joe Biden has triggered is what henceforth shall forever be known as the “Pollo Effect.” 

And what does that mean? 

To put it aphoristically (perhaps even bluntly): 

The Pollo Effect exposes how Toxic Joe has deliberately imported into our country 11,000,000 Spanish speaking Latinos who have absolutely NO respect for our traditions… NO respect for our morals and mores…

And no respect, regard, or even the slightest understanding of our most basic laws!

You see, our Mexican neighbors (whom we happen to love, by the way) are not just housing a pretty little pet pollo that sometimes, somehow wanders astray…

Oh no, they are raising a whole flock of wandering fowl –

All in direct violation of city, county, and state laws!

As are their other fellow Latinos all across the city of York, PA (and undoubtedly throughout the whole damn country, as well)!!!

Now, let me make it clear that my wife and I do not care that our Mexican neighbors are illegally raising pollos. 

More power to them – eat hearty and share the eggs!

But, here is the point – and it is why the Pollo Effect is about to wreak such havoc upon daily life in the law-abiding America that once was:

The 11,000,000 Latinos that Toxic Joe Biden has imported into this country in the past three years have absolutely no respect for our laws.

They don’t know them…

They won’t bother to learn them…

They find them overbearing and unnecessary…

And they fully intend to routinely break them – en masse – since they don’t see any reason they should exist in the first place!!!

After all, they didn’t have them back home (in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua – take your pick)…

And everything was hunky dory there, wasn’t it? 

So, why should they be bound and gagged by them here? 

And, frankly, as one who knows the Latino culture well, I can tell you that there ain’t no use in us trying to force them to cease and desist, bow and obey – 

Because they will just smile and say, “No entiendo. No problema” –

And then go on doing what they damn well please… 

(Including letting their pollos in your yard… driving (like bats out of hell) without licenses… working without IDs… building without permits – and whatever the hell else they damn well wish!)

It is how they were raised.

It is just their way.

They don’t mean any harm by it. 

And soon, it will be our way as well.

Muchas gracias, Toxic Joe!

Now, do you get the picture?

Do you see why the above video really is worth about 1.8 million words?

It’s the Pollo Effect…

Soon to lay an egg in a neighborhood near you!

Prospero Ano Nuevo, mi amigo!