The People’s President

Apr 11, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

I’m going to share two short, yet, I believe, vitally important videos with you today –

Each intended to spur you on as a key grassroots Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leader to drop everything else you are doing – 

And get out the vote for Donald Trump on November 5!

The first video is from Sky News Australia…

And it tells a story you would never, ever see on any US TV network –

(Unfortunately, now including Fox News). 

The title of the Sky News report says it all: “The People’s President.”

Frankly, when you see how Donald Trump reacts with real people – 

And they react to him (in a predominantly black Chick-Fil-A, no less!) – 

You are going to fully understand why this man truly is, indeed, for and of the people.

Enough said – here’s the video:


The second video is not as upbeat – but, I believe it is equally as revealing. 

It is a message I posted yesterday on Constitutional Rights PAC social media –

And it is vitally important for you and other key Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots who are out on the front lines fighting for a free and fair election this coming November! 

I won’t take up your time saying more about it. 

I believe it speaks loudly and clearly for itself. 

Here is the video:


Enough said… 

On the upside — and the downside.  

Now it is up to each of us as Constitutional Rights PAC Leaders to make absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt – and beyond the political corruption of Toxic Joe and his Rogue Regime – 

That the “People President” gets returned to the people’s White House on November 5, 2024. 

Together, let’s do this thing!