The FBI Will Testify: Jim Jordan Calls On 16 FBI Whistleblowers To Get Answers About DOJ Wrongdoing

Mar 8, 2023 | Political News

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is calling for 16 FBI whistleblowers to testify before the House Judiciary Committee according to recent reports citing a letter sent on Friday to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The reports compiled by Breitbart News and Newsmax respectively show that Jordan completed closed-door interviews with three of the FBI witnesses who had contacted his office in 2022 pertaining to allegations of misconduct by their superiors at the Department of Justice.


The letter from Wray begins by admonishing the bureau for failing to respond to past requests for information in the committee's investigation,

“Since the beginning of the Biden Administration, the Committee has made multiple requests for information and documents concerning the FBI’s operations. On November 18, 2022, to assist you in preparing to respond to our oversight requests in the 118th Congress, we notified you about the initial set of FBI employees with whom we would seek to speak early this year. We renewed this request in the 118th Congress via letter dated January 17, 2023. To date, the FBI has declined to satisfy these requests.”

Jordan continues,

From the documentary and testimonial information that we have obtained to date, we have identified several FBI employees who we believe possess information that is necessary for our oversight.”

Heading off any attempts at regulatory or legal hijinks that Wray or Attorney General Merrick Garland may attempt to throw at him Jordan wrote,

“The Supreme Court has recognized that Congress has a ‘broad and indispensable' power to conduct oversight, which ‘encompasses inquiries into the administration of existing laws, studies of proposed laws, and surveys in our social, economic or political system for the purpose of enabling Congress to remedy them.' Pursuant to the Rules of the House of Representatives, the Committee on the Judiciary is authorized to conduct oversight of the FBI to inform such potential legislative reforms. These legislative reforms could include, among other proposals, legislation to modify the FBI’s structure and organization or to change its existing authorities and responsibilities, legislation to enhance civil liberty protections in how the FBI carries out its authorities, legislation to prevent the misuse of federal law-enforcement and counterterrorism tools, and legislation to address the FBI’s interactions with private entities about constitutionally protected activity.”

The last paragraph seems to legislatively command the FBI to submit to the authority of Congress as upheld by the Supreme Court and prescribed explicitly in the U.S. Constitution. Essentially telling the agency to dispense with its typical skullduggery and delaying tactics and just comply.

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