The Explosive Durham Report Proves Republicans Can’t Afford To Cower In The Fight Against Government Weaponization

May 18, 2023 | Political News

When Special Counsel John Durham released his explosive 306-page report about the Russian-collusion hoax on Monday, he merely confirmed what many of us already knew: the Obama Administration colluded with Democrats and the corporate media and weaponized the FBI to take down former President Donald Trump before he was even elected to office.

For years, the government, sworn to protect the people, created a partisan scheme to take down an American citizen because he threatened the deep state’s near-total grip on power. Durham’s report was critical because it exposed the years of corruption and “confirmation bias” fueling the “Russia Russia Russia” lies.

Uncovering and punishing, however, are two different things, and Durham, despite bringing charges against two known hoaxers, was mostly successful at establishing that the government levied a massive abuse of power against its citizens.