The Enthusiasm Factor

Mar 6, 2024 | Political News

Donald Trump swept the 2024 Super Tuesday vote by a landslide.

Oh, I know he narrowly lost Vermont to Nikki. But that was an outlier… she knows it… and that is why she has already turned tail and quit – much to the dismay of her open borders and military-industrial paymasters.

But the real story is not that Nikki is no mas (after all, as perceptive Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots we all knew that was coming).

The real story is the massive defeat Donald Trump dealt Toxic Joe Biden in every Super Tuesday primary state. 

“But,” some Mainstream Media Biden lapdogs might wail, “they weren’t even running against each other!”

In a way, no – maybe not head to head.

But, in a larger way yes – in what I call “Sled to Sled” (as in who can pull the biggest load)

In short, on Super Tuesday, there was an absolutely definitive contest between 45 and 46 to see who could engender sufficient enthusiasm to turn out his supporters in the contest to determine would will be 47…

The once and future President Donald J. Trump won hands down –

And those stunning victories may well have signaled a massive turnaround in Election Day results 2024!

How so? you may ask.

Well, it’s all about what political scientists call the “Enthusiasm Factor.”

In short: Winners engender enthusiasm. And losers are left with the laggards.

Winners fill the sleds. While losers longingly walk in the winner’s treads.  

And, the fact is, nowhere is the Enthusiasm Factor more evident and evidentiary than in the primaries. 

If a candidate cannot pull well in the primaries, chances are that dog won’t hunt when it all comes down to the Big Enchilada and winner take all – no matter how well he has performed in past elections.

But, not so fast, McGee!

In each of the three states that Biden won to take the presidency in 2020, Trump trounced him in the 2024 Super Tuesday primaries.

Even in Colorado, where Biden did his best, Trump swamped him by more than 70,000 votes – this is in a state that Biden carried by nearly 10% in 2020. And in Virginia, where one would think the bureaucrats would turn out en masse to assure they remain on the gravy train, Trump bludgeoned Biden by well over 100,000 votes. 

In short: The Toxic One has lost his mo jo…

Which, come November 5, 2024, means we may all be blessed with no mo Joe!

Let’s put it very simply: If you can’t engender enough enthusiasm among your own base to come out, jump on your sled, and cheer you on…

If all you have left to pull your lever are a small band of mindless, automaton Bidenbots…

Well, Joe, don your trunks, pull out your beach chair, and get ready to spend your remaining years tickling your toes in the Delaware sand. 

Because, it’s all about the Enthusiasm Factor, Joe –

And you ain’t got it!