The Cancellation State

Feb 20, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Earlier this week, I sent you a vitally important interview that Constitutional Rights PAC Founder and Chairman Larry Ward termed: 

“The most important podcast I have ever heard. A must watch.”

It was between Tucker Carlson and the Foundation for Freedom Online’s Mike Benz.

I hope you watched it.

Because it revealed the full, chilling details about the Biden Regime’s massive, exponentially expanding “Cancellation State”…

And how it has put you at dire risk for every word you write or thought you express.

Lest you have any doubt about that, I urge you to take just a few minutes to watch the stunning analysis of the Benz interview embedded above by our friends Clayton and Natali Morris over at 

As Clayton says in the open, “It is one of the most disturbing and eye-opening interviews I have ever seen.”

Should you have any remaining doubts that the government’s Cancellation State is now a direct threat to your liberty – and, in fact, to your life as well – I truly believe those doubts are about to be starkly resolved. 

So, watch the video now – and brace yourself.

At this point, the Biden Regime’s Cancellation State is focused on monitoring and eradicating your Freedom of Speech.

On suppressing your thoughts and censoring your words.

But the next step could well be eradicating the source as well. 

In short, eliminating YOU. 

Just ask the J6 prisoners in the Washington Gulag.

Please know that your Constitutional Rights PAC is taking the lead in fighting back tooth and nail. And we deeply appreciate your continued support.