The Benz Interview

Feb 19, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

At 8:51 AM this past Saturday morning, I received a message from Constitutional Rights PAC Founder and Chairman Larry Ward.

As the Chairman said, it was important.

It was urgent.

And, in fact, it was existential.

As you are about to see with your own eyes in the stunning video embedded below…

What Mike Benz courageously revealed to Tucker Carlson just three short days ago details in unequivocal, explicit terms the ture depth of the threat the Biden Regime now presents to the American people.

In short, it is the ultimate – yes, existential – threat to our very freedom and the American way of life.

Under the guise of defending “Democracy” (Biden leiutenants and mainstream media lickspittles now always capitalize the word – that’s part of their sinister strategy)…

The Biden Regime is now redefining the term to establish a totalitarian autocracy — where only they determine what true “Democracy” actually is…

And they define anyone who supports freedom of speech, individual rights, and honest elections as “threats to Democracy.” 

Remember Toxic Joe Biden’s September 2022 Philadelphia “Reichstag Fire” speech?

The one where an angry, bellowing, fist-shaking Joe Biden – poised against a backdrop of burning red, surrounded by uniformed soldiers – pronounced all MAGA supporters “enemies of the state”?

Well, as you are about to learn in the video, that was not really the beginning of the Biden Regime all-out assault on freedom…

That was the culmination of a well-planned out and executed attack on any and all who value freedom…

And defend our liberty.

In short, on you!

Please take a few minutes to watch what Chairman Ward rightly calls – “the most important podcast I’ve ever heard.”

Please immediately share it with all of your friends, neighbors, and loved ones who truly value “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

And please prepare to stand tall with your Constitutional Rights PACin the critical days ahead as you and I together help lead the fight against the single greatest threat to true democracy since the founding of our nation.

May God bless us everyone.

Thank God for Tucker Carlson and Mike Benz – two courageous leaders who have now put their lives and livelihoods on the line to defend freedom.

Please continue to support your Constitutional Rights PAC with as large a financial contribution as you possibly can as, together, we stand tall with these two brave patriots. 

True democracy is now at stake.