Thanksgiving In Context

Nov 25, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

Thanksgiving is perhaps the most genuine expression of American identity. But like so many American institutions and traditions, today’s Thanksgiving is a diluted version of its former self. Just an excuse to take the day off to overeat and watch football.

In his famous journal Of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford tells the account of the first Thanksgiving. With so much emphasis placed on the feast, what is often looked over is the dire circumstances the Pilgrims faced in New England in December of 1620.

Bradford writes,

“Being infected with ye scurvie and other diseases, which this long vioage & their inacomodate condition had brought upon them; so as ther dyed some times 2. or 3. of a day, in ye foresaid time; that of 100. & odd persons, scarce 50. remained.

The Pilgrims truly faced with life-or-death, yet even in the direst of circumstances, they never stopped thanking God for his mercy.