Texas Gov Greg Abbott urges House Speaker Mike Johnson to take Congressional action to secure US-Mexico border

Mar 29, 2024 | Political News

On Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott met with House Speaker Mike Johnson in Austin to discuss critical matters pertaining to the historic crisis at the US southern border and the disastrous impact President Biden's open-border policies have had on the state.

Gov. Abbott urged Speaker Johnson to pass border security measures and lamented about Congress's inability to do so. The Republican governor also touted the successes of the state's comprehensive border security efforts through Operation Lone Star and asked Johnson to support the state's fight against the Biden administration's efforts to thwart Texas's efforts to secure the border.

According to a press release issued by Gov. Abbott's Office, “Abbott told Speaker Johnson that the border crisis is both unacceptable and avoidable, urging the Speaker to pass border security legislation that will help stop illegal crossings between ports of entry along the southern border.”

“Additionally, Governor Abbott touted the success of Texas' comprehensive border security efforts through Operation Lone Star, including deploying thousands of Texas National Guard soldiers and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, installing razor wire, and building the Texas border wall. The Governor also implored Speaker Johnson to support the state's ongoing fight against President Biden's attacks on Texas' historic border mission and his refusal to secure the border,” the press release states.

Speaker Johnson (R-LA) issued a statement following the meeting and expressed his steadfast support for the state of Texas, while condemning the Biden administration for “endangering” Texans, as well as all Americans.

“By opening the border to criminals, traffickers, and cartels, the Biden administration is actively endangering the American people, our families, ranchers, and law enforcement. When the federal government fails to perform its constitutional duty to protect our borders, states have no choice but to fill that role,” said Johnson.

“Right now, we're witnessing a gross abuse of power as Biden's Department of Justice uses the judicial system to go after the state of Texas for attempting to safeguard its citizens. Texans, and all Americans, deserve better,” he added.

Since taking office in 2021, President Joe Biden has filed multiple lawsuits against the state of Texas over the state's efforts to secure the US-Mexico border from the invasion of illegal immigrants.

In January, Gov. Abbott deployed the Texas National Guard to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass and kicked out Biden's border agents from accessing the park in order to deter illegal immigration. State guardsmen were ordered to install razor wire along the river and the Biden administration filed a lawsuit against the state in the US Supreme Court over the move.

SCOTUS issued a temporary ruling that sided with the Biden administration which resulted in Gov. Abbott declaring an invasion and invoking the invasion clause featured in the US Constitution, which grants self-defense rights to the state and its citizens.