Texas Gov. Abbott claims Biden is in violation of federal law as border surge continues

Jan 30, 2024 | Political News

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claimed Monday that President Biden is in violation of federal law as he refuses to enforce immigration statutes already on the books, adding that he is giving “mass parole” to foreign nationals who illegally ingress into the United States.

Abbott told “Hannity” Monday evening that both members of the Border Patrol and the Border Patrol Council – its union apparatus – have told Texas officials that they side with them when it comes to the controversy over the construction of razor wire at a state-owned park along the border at Eagle Pass.

“They want to have nothing to do with regard to tearing down that razor wire or tearing down the barriers that Texas has erected for one simple reason: And that's because they are working,” Abbott said.

“Border patrol says that what Texas has done to secure the border actually makes their job even easier. The only resistance we're facing is coming from Joe Biden.”