Texas Democrat sends Biden clear message over border crisis, directly contradicts VP Harris: ‘I don’t know what secured it is’

Sep 20, 2022 | Political News

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar sent President Joe Biden a message on Sunday and directly contradicted Vice President Kamala Harris’ claim that the southern U.S. border is “secure.”

What did Cuellar say?

Speaking on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Cuellar said the Biden administration needs to better resource immigration authorities, who in turn need to enforce the law.

“We got to give Border Patrol, we got to give ICE, Homeland Security the equipment, making sure they have everything where they can enforce the law, because, if we don’t have repercussions at the border, we’re going to continue getting 8,000 people a day,” Cuellar said.

Cuellar, who represents a congressional district that borders Mexico, knows all too well about the impact of the border crisis. While sanctuary cities complain about migrants flooding their cities, Cuellar explained that his hometown of Laredo is dispatching two dozen buses of migrants every day.