Tennessee’s Barrett writes to Lee opposing red flag laws

Jun 12, 2023 | Political News

Tennessee state Rep. Jody Barrett wrote Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday in opposition to Lee calling a special session on public safety that could include discussion of red flag laws in the state of Tennessee.

Barrett joins a group of lawmakers who have opposed the idea since Lee announced he would be calling a special session starting on Aug. 21, though details of the specifics on the special session have not been released.

Barrett told Lee in his letter that he has received formal resolutions from the Republican parties in Hickman, Lewis and Dickson counties – the three he represents – opposing Lee’s red flag law proposal and any red flag law.“

They have been joined by over 20 other GOP chapters across the state in firmly opposing what you are trying to do,” Barrett wrote. “That number continues to grow week by week. What is abundantly clear is that the vast majority of law-abiding, God-fearing Tennesseans DO NOT APPROVE of any variation of red flag law, no matter what misleading moniker or marketing campaign that you might try to disguise it with.”