Tennessee Voter Experience At The Polls Vary Across The State

Nov 10, 2022 | Political News

On election day, voters in several Tennessee counties were reporting that some polling stations were having trouble printing ballots. While many reported that all seemed well, some voters reported issues with not only paper ballots, but also with voting machines, open WIFI connections at polling places and more.

Danelle Nickels Pappenheim said that in Knox County at the Solway Church of God polling place, they ran out of ballots, then began printing ballots but then the printer ran out of ink/toner.  “Paper ballots were used for a ‘hand’ count,” Pappenheim reports.

Another Knox county voter, Beverly Watson states that there was only one registration table and one printer at the Bearden Middle School polling place in Knoxville until 3:30.

“Hundreds of people in line.  Took me two and a half hours to vote,” Watson said.