Tennessee Students Learned More In Math & Reading At Charter Schools, Report Says

Jun 12, 2023 | Political News

Students at Tennessee had the equivalent of 34 more days of learning in reading per year in public charter schools than at their regular public school, according to a study from Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes.

In math, the students had the equivalent of 39 days more of learning, according to the study.

Those results outpaced the national average of the average of the equivalent of 16 more days of learning in reading and nine more in math.

The study is an attempt to look at how far students advanced from year to year in each subject matter.

“This growth represents accelerated learning gains for tens of thousands of students across the country,” the study said. “Each student and each school is a proof point that shows it is possible to change the trajectory of learning for students at scale, as well as dramatically accelerate growth for students who have traditionally been underserved by traditional school systems.”