Tennessee Representative Fights For More Transparency In The House

Aug 26, 2022 | Political News

During the Conservative Brain Trust Panel at the Tennessee Freedom Summit last Saturday, August 20th in Nashville, Representative Chris Todd (R-District 73-Madison County) said that he and the legislature are working to increase transparency for those citizens seeking to follow legislation in the Tennessee House.

Tori Venable of Americans for Prosperity Tennessee spoke of the current problems with transparency in the Tennessee legislature. 

“We have a real transparency issue in Nashville…We have a process called ‘caption bills’ and there are good reasons to have them.  However, there is no process to have the amendments published online for public review before those amendments, that can change a bill entirely, are voted on.  We want to see every amendment placed online for public review before it’s voted on…,” Venable said.

In response, Representative Todd revealed, “In the House, at least, we’re about to have it this year where every single amendment that is filed at the clerk’s office goes online immediately.”