Tennessee Lawmaker Calls For Stronger Legislation To Protect Girls From Being Edged Out By Biological Males – It’s Not Just About Sports

Oct 4, 2023 | Political News

Over this past weekend, at a Memphis area High School, a biological male using female pronouns, wearing female clothing, took what would have traditionally been a girl’s spot on their Homecoming Court. 

Houston High School in Germantown included a transgender student on their homecoming court and while the response at the event seemed to be celebratory, many parents in the area took to social media and their email and expressed their shock and dismay. 

State senator Brent Taylor (R-D31- Memphis) said he was contacted by many concerned parents who are asking whether the school district can promote this sort of activity with the inclusion of a transgendered student especially considering all the legislation that has been passed over the most recent years. Much of the legislation was meant to protect students and their privacy, as well as afford them the opportunity to participate in activities without having to worry if they will be competing against someone who has certain biological advantages.