Tennessee Agency Funds Anti-Conservative Rhetoric Using $20,000+ In Taxpayer Dollars

Jun 8, 2023 | Political News

Throughout the run of Covid-19, states across the U.S. were bestowed millions upon millions of dollars in relief funds from the federal government. 

Now, in this “post-Covid” era many state governments are still in possession of, and debating, how exactly to expend these large sums of money and Tennessee is no exception.

In April of 2020, Gov. Bill Lee announced the creation of a Financial Stimulus Accountability Group(FSAG), meant to “ensure proper fiscal management” of funds received by the state through the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund and the American Rescue Plan.

Members of this group include Gov. Lee, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, House Speaker Cameron Sexton, Sen. Bo Watson, Sen. Raumesh Akbari, Rep. Pat Marsh, Rep. Harold Love. Jr., Comptroller of the Treasury Justin P. Wilson, Finance & Administration Commissioner Butch Eley, and the COVID-19 Unified Command’s Stuart McWhorter.