Tennessean Continues To Exercise First Amendment Rights On Public Square Despite Possibility Of Arrest

Dec 19, 2022 | Political News

A Tennessee man who has been gathering with others weekly on the Franklin Public Square to worship Jesus vows to continue to do so despite the possibility of arrest.

Jeff Daniels of Murfreesboro has been worshiping on the square in Franklin every Saturday evening for the last two and half years. In that time, he has faced opposition from the city as he exercises his first amendment rights. 

This past Friday, Daniels spoke to The Tennessee Conservative and relayed that there was a possibility that he faced arrest the following night by going to the square to worship. Daniels said that the city has amended its codes several times in an effort to oust him from the square. 

When Daniels began going to the square at the beginning of July in 2020 he amplified worship music while there. City Attorney Shauna Billingsley has said that “many complaints were made” about the music being amplified. Daniels confirmed that he was asked to stop amplifying the music and he has complied with that request.