Teachers’ unions trained educators to ‘indoctrinate’ students with ‘radical progressive ideology’: Report

Aug 18, 2023 | Political News

An August report from the Defense of Freedom Institute, a conservative nonprofit organization, revealed that teachers' unions trained their members to “indoctrinate” students with “radical progressive ideology” despite outspoken opposition from parents.

DFI's latest report, “Summer of Woke, The Sequel,” follows a 2022 report that exposed the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers for pushing “racialized” school policies and gender ideology. Last year's report also accused the NEA and AFT of lobbying for abortion.

According to the DFI, the 2022 report drummed up negative press for the NEA, leading it to take steps to “conduct its ‘New Business Items' in secret” during its annual meeting this year.

The nonprofit accused the NEA, the nation's largest teachers' union, of being “out of step with the public regarding policy goals” and hypersensitive to criticism.