Taxpayer Funded: Feds Pay $100K To Train Grad Students in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Oct 10, 2022 | Political News

A top federal health research agency awarded more than $100K in taxpayer dollars for diversity and equity training for grad students to make them “agents of change.”

The National Institutes of Health allocated $103,380 via a federal grant to train students at the the NIGMS T32 predoctoral training program in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Davis in equity and inclusiveness.

Federal documents detailing the grant show it allots the money for students to lead equity and inclusivity training for their classmates at UC Davis.

“We expect that our novel curriculum will significantly improve mentorship and DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility] awareness across a broad range of graduate students in biological sciences,” reads the project description. “Our practical focus aims to empower them to become agents of change, leading to a renewed focus on sustaining a climate of equity, inclusivity, respect, and justice in our institution.”