Suspect in Tennessee College Student’s Shooting Death Indicted on Felony Murder Charge… Four Months Later

Mar 20, 2024 | Political News

Last November a beautiful Tennessee college student was fatally shot in the head by a man who was previously released for ‘incompetence to stand trial’ in connection to another shooting – and the shooting suspect was just charged with felony murder and tampering with evidence four months later.

18-year-old Belmont University student Jillian Ludwig was fatally struck by a stray bullet in November while walking on a track in Edgehill Memorial Gardens Park, Nashville Police said.

The killer, Shaquille Taylor, 29, was supposed to be in court that week for a different previous charge but he never showed up.

Police said Taylor fired a gun from a public housing unit near the park. The bullet missed a car which was the intended target and instead struck Jillian Ludwig.