‘Suppress Political Dissent’: Tucker Carlson Says He Received Subpoenas From Merrick Garland’s DOJ To Trump Allies

Sep 13, 2022 | Political News

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson revealed Monday that his show obtained subpoenas from the Department of Justice (DOJ) sent to allies of former President Donald Trump.

Carlson said the show obtained subpoenas issued by the DOJ to investigate “any claim that the Vice President and/or the President of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count presidential electors.” He argued any claim made by electors or elections is protected under the First Amendment.

“This show has obtained a subpoena from Merrick Garland’s DOJ issued in the past week. And what it demands is both unlawful and without precedent in American history,” he announced. “Now keep in mind, that any claim you make as an American citizen about electors, any claim you make about American politics period, is protected explicitly under the First Amendment. That’s our core freedom, it’s why we live here, it’s why we’re proud to be Americans. It’s why so many American serviceman died protecting our country. Those are the freedoms that they fought to preserve.”