Study: “Americans’ trust in tech companies hits new low”

Apr 28, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

Study: “Americans' trust in tech companies hits new low”
A study by Axios last week showed Americans’ trust in Big Tech has plummeted. Just 54% of Americans trust big Tech to “do  the right thing.” That means nearly half the country does not.

But it isn’t merely a party-line split. One third of Democrats reported mistrust of Big Tech as well.

There are two possible outcomes. Either Big Tech radically changes its most fundamental policies and procedures, and ceases the mass sale of user data to government and global entities, OR, Big Tech does not change, and suffers the consequences.

There’s a reason why over the last two years so many social media alternatives have sprung up. There’s a market for platforms that don’t police, sellout, deceive or manipulate. People have had enough, and it's starting to show.