Stopping The Biden Transgender Agenda

Apr 17, 2023 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Once again, the courageous Marjorie Taylor Greene is taking the lead – where far too many others fear to tread.

And now, more than ever, it is time for each of us as Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots to back her up to the hilt!!!

The hard left’s horrifying transgender assault on our little children is picking up momentum every day.

And I am sure you were as appalled as I was by Joe Biden’s stunning declaration actually making “Transgender Visibility Day” an American national holiday, right on the heels of a transgender’s horrifying slaughter of three little children and their Christian teachers in Nashville.

And just as the Trans Radical Activist Network (“TRAN”) declared its “Trans Day of Vengeance” against anyone who dares not cater to its perverse agenda!

In short, Joe Biden endorsed and encouraged the most violent elements of the transgender movement to continue – and expand – their assault upon our children.

You and I are not going to stand for that, are we?

That’s why I am asking you now to join me now in supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene’s courageous bill – HR 1399 – demanding an end to the sexual mutilation of our children!

Now is the time to make your voice is heard – loud and clear – throughout the corridors of Congress.

It’s time to tell your Member of the House of Representatives not just to support HR 1399 – but to join on now as a co-sponsor!

The vital information you need is here, which includes the names of the 26 good, decent, and brave members of Congress who have had the courage to join Marjorie as co-sponsors of HR 1399.

Please, I urge you: Call and email your Representative right now. Tell them that our little ones’ very lives are at stake…

And if their names are not on that bill —

We expect them to sign on now to stop the transgender assault on our children!

Thank you for taking this vitally important action to stop the Biden-transgender agenda.

And please give as generously as you can to help your Constitutional Rights PAC reach out to others as we encourage them to stand with Marjorie on this vitally important issue!