Stop Pretending Right Now

Jun 15, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

According to an article today in the Washington Free Beacon, a new poll shows that most Americans disagree with transgender athletes competing in the gender category contrary to their biological gender.

The article sights that, “Fifty-eight percent of respondents said transgender female athletes should be banned from professional competition.”

As stories surface on transgender athletics, notably that of beefy male swimmer Lia Thomas jumping in the ranks from #462 in men’s to #1 in women’s, the brazen lies and utter grift against women in sports have become clear.

What hasn’t become clear to the majority of Americans, however, is that sports are not the point. In women’s sports, we see one result, one light symptom, of what happens when a society tries to rewrite reality.

There are far worse things happening as a result of the transgender epidemic than injustice in sports. Lives are being utterly ruined. Children, and adults, are being medically abused.

Next time transgender sports come up in conversation, take the opportunity to go further and get to the heart of the matter: there is no such thing as transitioning genders and pretending there is will destroy us.

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