Steve Bannon names Texas GOP members siding with Democrats to oust AG Ken Paxton

Aug 23, 2023 | Political News

Steve Bannon's War Room spoke to candidate for Dallas County GOP Chair Lauren Davis about the upcoming impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who will be tried in the Senate on September 5. Davis listed off the names of those conservatives in the state who are in favor of Paxton's impeachment. This after he has worked tirelessly to secure parental rights in the state, a core conservative value.

Bannon asked Davis for the names of those Republicans in Texas' state senate who are backing Paxton's impeachment.

She cited state senators Kelly Hancock (District 9), Charles Schwertner (District 5), Mayes Middleton (District 11), Bryan Hughes (District 1), Charles Perry (District 28), and Drew Springer (District 30) as those who are actively seeking Paxton's impeachment. Middleton, she said, has given $300,000 to Paxton's primary opponent. Moms Love Freedom, a grassroots group founded by Davis, has launched a petition to get the impeachment articles dismissed.

Paxton, who Bannon said is “one of the few guys who has stood up to the Biden regime from the beginning,” faces impeachment in the state of Texas on 20 articles. Those articles, 16 of which he will answer to in September, include multiple counts of disregard of official duty, misapplication of public resources, constitutional bribery, obstruction of justice, false statements in official records, conspiracy and attempted conspiracy, dereliction of duty, unfitness for office, and abuse of public trust.

It is not just Democrats in Texas who are coming for Paxton, but Republicans as well. President Donald Trump called the impeachment a “sham.”

Paxton “is the greatest Attorney General the entire country has seen,” Davis said. “He is the strongest fighter Texas has ever had against this tyrannical regime that Biden is. We fully expect for him to return to office. I don't really foresee a scenario where he doesn't. But we have to inspect what we expect of our conservative Republican senators.

“And so we just have a handful there's about six who we just want to mention and discuss because we can't take for granted the pool for the lobbying firms, for just Austin swamp and for the consultants to be in the ear of some of these senators and they could potentially be making a really bad choice to vote for this impeachment that is completely illegal and not following the law,” Davis said.

“Texas,” Bannon said, “is one of the hearts of MAGA.” He pointed out that there are many grassroots leaders in Texas, and a population that skews conservative. Yet the government, led by Governor Greg Abbott, he said, has a more establishment mindset. Bannon asked Davis why there's this “disconnect.”

“I think it's a transition in Texas. The grassroots has existed for some time but I believe it's really becoming mainstream and so as you grow and gain in your power and your efforts and we're more coordinated and there's people like me, who are new into politics over the last couple of years,” Davis explained.

“I'm a mother who woke up from COVID and went down all the rabbit holes and hadn't voted in primaries and then ended up launching my bid to run against Clay Jenkins and now I'm so all the trouble of our systems of our Republican Party.

“And so that's why I'm going for GOP chair and Dallas County because we have to fix it at a system level. So that's what's happened. We have, just generally speaking, been comfortable in Texas, have taken our eye off the ball, just assumed because someone said they were Republican that they were conservative Republican. And it's become very clear, particularly with the House doing what they did to Ken Paxton originally, which is the reason why we're talking, is that they're not who they say they are,” Davis continued.

“The grassroots is strong,” she said, and will primary those GOP state legislators who back the impeachment of Paxton. “The ones who voted against Ken Paxton will be primaried,” she said.

“We're gonna make all these six famous in the days ahead,” Bannon said. 

Paxton's attorneys have called for 19 of the 20 impeachment articles to be dismissed. They have stated that impeaching him would “override the will of the people.” They argue, too, that those allegations the House brought up were known to voters when they elected him as AG. 

“With only a single exception, the articles (of impeachment) allege nothing that Texas voters have not heard from the Attorney General’s political opponents for years,” Paxton’s attorneys said. “The alleged acts underlying 19 of the Articles took place before the Attorney General’s most recent election and were highly publicized.”

Paxton called the impeachment an “ugly spectacle,” saying that it is “illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust.” He also broke fundraising records after the impeachment was launched.