Sneaky Caption Bills Could Endanger 2nd Amendment Rights In Tennessee

Apr 19, 2023 | Political News

According to Tennessee capitol insiders, a couple of unrelated caption bills are set to be heard today in House subcommittees with amendments added to quietly push gun legislation.

Two subcommittees that were previously closed out for this session have been reopened to potentially hear this legislation today. In a scramble to close out this session, legislators are expediting legislation through the subcommittee and committee process on the same day, a process which generally takes weeks to accomplish. 

We have been told that amendments will be added to these innocuous caption bills that will effectively convert them into “Red Flag Laws,” although they will not be branded as such.

While the amendments that “make the bills” are not yet available for viewing by the public, we have received word that the following sets of companion bills will be heard today in House subcommittees, possibly committees and then be scheduled for a vote on the House floor.