Small Trump-Supporting TX Town Raises Enormous American Flag: “Biggest bunch of patriots you’ll ever see”

Sep 24, 2022 | Political News

Rockwall, Texas is a town located northeast of Dallas, with a population of just 45,112 people. The town’s area covers only 22.6 square miles – a small town by any measure.

This week, city workers installed a 50-foot x 80-foot size American flag on a 200-foot-tall flagpole to welcome visitors to the community. The flag weighs 120 pounds and takes eight people to hoist into the air, according to Blue Ribbon News.

It is located at the northeast corner of I-30 access road between Horizon Road and Laguna Drive in Rockwall.

Mayor Kevin Fowler explained that former Rockwall City Council member, Bennie Daniels, proposed the idea in 2016.

“He had this dream…So that it could project how patriotic our county and our town is. So that is really the genesis of the idea,” Fowler said in a TV interview with FOX News. “It was this majestic, glorious flagpole that finally went up on Monday. … Rockwall doesn’t question patriotism, but it certainly does display it.”

Fowler said the citizens wanted to show “how patriotic we are.” Not surprisingly, the town reportedly voted 68% for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Rockwall County is the smallest county in Texas, he said, “but I promise you, we are the biggest bunch of patriots you’ll ever see.”   Rockwall has a large population of veterans who are very active in community organizations.

Contractors have completed installation of electrical wiring for the lighting which will shine onto the flag, according to a city press release. A formal dedication ceremony is expected to be held at some date yet to be announced.

In 2020, this same community installed the area’s largest “Back the Blue; Thin Blue Line” flag in front of Ekin Nutrition. “I don’t do anything, unless I can do it big!” said business owner John Hagaman, quoted in the Blue Bonnet News. “Countless people in uniform put their lives on the line for us everyday and any time I can say thank you and show some support, I will.”

The installation of the 190-foot flagpole required closing down the north lane of the I-30 frontage road to allow the contractor to unload materials and equipment. The job took just three hours to complete before the new American flag could be raised.