SICK: Stanford Doctor Advocates Removing Testes from Young Boys

Oct 20, 2022 | Political News

Are basic tenants of human compassion and morality no longer a shared American value? A resurfaced video from 2019 showed Stanford Children’s Health pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Tandy Aye advocating removing boys' testicles.

He believes a minor boy who is currently on hormones (such as estrogen) meant to ‘change gender’ should have his testes removed.

“As transgender people are more openly being able to seek therapy, the demand for transgender surgery has increased by five-fold over the past five years,” Aye said.

It is important to keep in mind that this claim by Aye was said over 3 years ago. Since then, the number of children questioning their gender has skyrocketed, as noted in data stemming from public education.

What is the justification for such an extreme act, you ask? Dr. Aye explained her opinion with an example of a minor boy named “Avery” who had been given puberty blockers and estrogen before his genitals had developed. The doctor notably referred to the boy as a “she” throughout the entire video despite his male gender.

“In fact, she does not make any sperm—her reproductive capability to be a biological parent has been eliminated,” said the Stanford pediatrician. “Her testes are non functional.”

“In medicine, don’t we often recommend the removal of nonfunctional organs like an appendix? So therefore, does it make sense for Avery to wait until she’s 18?” Dr. Aye then asked hypothetically.

Aye additionally went on to argue that such a procedure should be allowed for adolescents under the age of 18 because “the transgender patient may be one of the most well-informed patients.”


“Who else has had years of psychological evaluation, months of medical therapy, and has thought of this one procedure for so long?” Aye continued. “So rather than to use strict age limits for eligibility, why not use the number of years in which one has lived in their affirmed gender?”

The disturbing video gained steam on the internet after it was shared on Twitter by Christopher F. Rufo, a conservative journalist who has gained recognition for breaking many stories on the abuse and indoctrination of children by various American institutions.

Social issues pertaining to so-called ‘transgender’ children have lately been a hot topic in American politics. Democrat Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, for instance, has openly endorsed allowing gender-confused minors to attempt a sex change by any means necessary, attacking Republican governor Doug Ducey’s bills attempting to stop the practice as “cruel.” The Republican candidate in the race, Kari Lake, has taken the opposite stance, insisting that such decisions cannot be made by a young child.

Dr. Aye’s remarks in full can be found below: