Shocking video shows woman clinging to hood of fleeing car after her dog was stolen in LA

Feb 2, 2024 | Political News

California residents are living in fear as criminals turn their focus to stealing household pets. 

A shocking viral video shows a woman clinging to the hood of a car driving in downtown Los Angeles after thieves had allegedly stolen her French Bulldog while she was outside of a store, according to CBS News. 

Ali Zacharias was outside of a Whole Foods store with her French Bulldog named Onyx when she was approached by a female suspect on Jan. 18. The suspect snatched Onyx and fled the scene in a vehicle being driven by another person. 

That's when Zacharias' decided that she would not let her beloved dog be stolen without putting up a fight. 

“I was like, ‘I'm not letting this car go,' so I just held onto the windshield wipers,” said Zacharias, who is seen in the video clinging to the hood of the car for dear life. “Before I knew it we were driving down the block and picking up speed and I was freaking out for my life suddenly.” 

She managed to cling to the vehicle for approximately one block before the driver veered and caused her to fall off at the intersection of 9th Street and Grand Avenue. She reported suffering minor scrapes and bruises but no serious injuries. 

(Pictured: French Bulldog Onxy and alleged female suspect)

“Whatever I'm doing, I'm just sad that like I'm not doing with Onyx, or that he's missing out,” she told the outlet. “You know, I'm grocery shopping and thinking like I'm not buying anything for him, and I mean the time has gone so quickly. I feel like this just happened. And yet it's already 10 days.” 

Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department are examining surveillance footage from the vicinity to identify the suspect who allegedly stole Zacharias' cherished dog. 

LAPD believes the female suspect is around the age of 25 and was wearing a gray hoodie, purple sweatpants, and black shoes during the time of the dognapping. The second suspect is reportedly a male who is also around the age of 25. 

This incident comes as crime has escalated throughout the state of California over the previous two years as more progressive soft-on-crime policies have been implemented.