Shocking Motive Revealed For Transgender Covenant School Shooter

Apr 20, 2023 | Political News

In a conversation about the upcoming Nashville Pride parade and other topics with Steve Abramowicz on the Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast, Williamson County Alderman-at-Large Gabrielle Hanson divulged what she believes is the real reason The Covenant School shooter murdered three children and three adults.

Cynthia Peak, a substitute teacher and one of six who died after being shot by transgender Audrey Hale, lived in Williamson County. When asked by Abramowicz about the ripple effects from the shooting in Franklin, Tennessee, Hanson shared the shocking motive behind Hale’s premeditated killings.

According to Hanson, she was given the backstory within thirty minutes of the shooting from contacts she has in Nashville.

“I know what happened. There was no threat to anyone else,” Hanson told Abramowicz. “It was a love triangle going on with an individual that worked at that school, related to the principal, who was getting counseling from the Pastor.”

Hanson revealed that Principal Katherine Koonce’s daughter, Anna, who was soon to be married at the time of the shooting had been in a relationship with Hale and there had been an ongoing effort to “pry this Audrey Hale off of the relationship with [the Principal’s daughter] that was getting married.”