Senator Rand Paul criticizes DHS for social media censorship, says the greatest purveyor of “disinformation” was government

Apr 20, 2023 | Political News

“Disinformation” was and continues to be a big part of the Covid pandemic story – which performed something of a “magic act” and disappeared – just as other global crises started to grip the planet.

But, the issue of disinformation – once reserved as a means to comprehensively and effectively both denounce and censor skeptics of lockdowns, Covid vaccines, and the rest that those dark few years brought our way – is now being examined by the “other side.”

In other words there are still those who want to know what exactly accusing people of disseminating “disinformation” was all about – even medical professionals and scientists with nothing more than questions.

And where did the virus come from, and how, why, and when it spread.

One of those who appears like he wants to get to the bottom of a great “character assassination” of anyone not toeing the official Covid pandemic line, particularly on social media, is US Senator Rand Paul.