Senator Josh Hawley, Babylon Bee, and Other Groups Ask the Supreme Court To Favor Florida and Texas Anti-Censorship Laws

Jan 25, 2024 | Political News

Senator Josh Hawley has appealed to the Supreme Court, advocating for an intervention in the censorship by major technology firms, a situation he believes is endangering Americans’ freedom of speech. In a show of support for recently enacted laws in Texas and Florida, which aim to prevent social media companies from censoring content based on political bias, Hawley has filed an official brief with the Court.

We obtained a copy of the filing for you here.

Joining Hawley is the First Liberty Institute, alongside Consovoy McCarthy PLLC, and other groups that have submitted an amicus brief to the court. Representing the interests of the Babylon Bee LLC and Not the Bee LLC, the legal teams are challenging the actions of social media platforms that they argue unfairly target and suppress conservative and religious viewpoints.

Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel for First Liberty Institute, emphasized the seriousness of this issue: “Censorship is no laughing matter. For too long, social media giants have censored conservative and religious speech with which they disagree.” He contends that the laws in question are essential for ensuring that social media companies are held to the standards of neutrality they claim to uphold, aligning with both federal law and the First Amendment.