Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Flips out, Tracks Journalist Probing His Secret Hawaiian Land Buys

Feb 29, 2024 | Political News

Marc Benioff, billionaire leftist and CEO of Salesforce, has been secretly buying up land in Hawaii through anonymous LLCs. But when a journalist started investigating, Benioff reportedly began tracking her movements and personal details.

SFGate reports that NPR journalist Dara Kerr was intrigued when she heard rumors that tech billionaire Marc Benioff was mysteriously acquiring land in the small Hawaiian town of Waimea. Kerr, whose grandmother grew up in Hawaii, started digging deeper during a November visit. Kerr discovered Benioff had anonymously purchased 22 separate parcels of land in Waimea since 2020.

The properties were acquired through mysterious limited liability companies (LLCs) all traced back to a single mailing address and agent in Palo Alto. Although his name never appeared on any documentation, Benioff did not dispute his involvement when confronted.

When Benioff caught wind of Kerr’s ongoing investigation, he reached out through a colleague asking for an interview with the reporter. Kerr agreed to a video call in December, after which Benioff bombarded her with constant texts touting his supposed philanthropy, “which has almost all been anonymous.”