Sacramento pub apologizes for displaying gameplay footage of Harry Potter video game

Mar 3, 2023 | Political News

A Sacramento, California pub has issued a public apology after a group of far-left extremists complained that the social house dared host a livestream of the new Harry Potter-themed Hogwarts Legacy video game.

The video game, which Streets Pub and Grub in midtown displayed on a screen for customers to watch, has been deemed “transphobic, antisemitic, and racist” by the woke mob in light of Harry Potter author JK Rowling‘s ongoing crusade against far-left gender ideology.

According to The Post Millennial Senior Editor Andy Ngo, a far-left extremist account on Twitter first called attention to the incident, suggesting that Streets Pub and Grub's actions were “virulently anti-Queer and especially anti-Trans.”

The account publicly shamed the pub in a post that quickly made its way through far-left online circles and eventually ended up being seen by the establishment's management team.

The pub released a statement on the matter, capitulating to the angry protestors.

“We have been informed that there is a post going around about Streets Pub and Grub live-streaming a video game (Hogwarts Legacy) a few days ago that has raised a few concerns,” they wrote.

“Our staff has been informed to closely monitor requests from customers on what to put on our TVs,” they continued, offering their “sincerest apologies to those affected by this incident,” and vowing to “make sure to be more careful.”

“Streets has always been a welcoming place in Midtown and we want to stay that way,” the pub proclaimed. “If you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please tell our staff and we will be there to help you and remove the problem.”

“All of us,” they concluded, “stand by the LGBTQIA+ community and there is no room for racism or bigotry here.”

The aforementioned far-left Twitter account released its own statement in response, applauding the pub for bowing to their demands and calling the statement a “genuine and authentic recognition of harm, sincerety, and apology.” 

Others were not so pleased with the pub's decision, with one user stating, “Cowardice is when you apologize and bend the violent extremists.”