Right to Kill Children, Right to Build Children

Jan 13, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

One of the biggest indicators that we're living in a backward society is revealed in how we view reproduction.

When our culture speaks of unborn children, their rights are nonexistent; the desires of the parent completely overshadow the life at stake. If the parent(s) wants to abort the child, for any given reason, our culture cheers them on. Even in the horrific cases of incest and rape, a pro-choice attitude ultimately acts out of what is perceived as best for the parent, at the expense of human life. 

Our culture takes a similarly parent-first approach to the desire for kids.

As is so perfectly shown by Democrats' new, disgusting “Right to Build Families” act, the left believes that what matters most is your personal desire. Are you in a relationship with a same-sex partner and you want to “build a family” together? The left says to do it! Are you a single woman who longs for a child? Culture tells you to make it happen without a man! 

The left believes that the end always justifies the means. How a life is created, or what kind of life that child will live given the parent's self-absorption, is completely disregarded.

Because it's not about the child; it's about me me me.

As the author of this Daily Signal article stated, “A child, whose life begins at conception, is not a mere object to design, buy, or sell to fulfill an adult’s wishes.”

If the “Right to Build Families” act is passed, it will be a massive blow to the family unit and our culture surrounding life as a whole.