Revealed: The blueprint to end free speech on the internet… forever…

Mar 1, 2024 | Political News

The globalist agenda is making a bold move to silence free speech on the internet once and for all. While this effort is currently unfolding in Canada, it’s a fair bet that similar actions could be on the horizon for the US. Trudeau’s latest move is basically a blueprint for what could be unleashed stateside when the regime is ready. Just like in Canada, expect to see appeals about protecting kids and popular culture figures like Taylor Swift championing “democracy” as justifications for destroying your rights. What’s truly alarming is how many Americans will embrace this kind of tyranny. A huge section of our population seems thrilled to have Big Brother’s boot on their necks. This shift toward favoring “Big Brother’s” control is a concerning trend with the left, which used to fight against “The Man.” Constitutional lawyers are already raising the alarm about these developments in Canada, signaling a dire warning that freedom on the internet could be at stake for Canadians—and potentially, the rest of the world.


A top constitutional lawyer warned that the federal government’s Online Harms Act to further regulate the internet will allow a new digital safety commission to conduct “secret commission hearings” against those found to have violated the new law, raising “serious concerns for the freedom of expression” of Canadians online.

Marty Moore, who serves as the litigation director for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms-funded Charter Advocates Canada, told LifeSiteNews on Tuesday that Bill C-63 will allow for the “creation of a new government agency with a broad mandate to promote ‘online safety’ and target ‘harmful content.’”