Replacing American Values

Mar 30, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

A new poll from the Wall Street Journal has confirmed our worst fears: American's love of our country is declining rapidly, and we have even worse views of each other. The poll, which was previously conducted in the late 1990's, demonstrated a rapid shift from attending church and spending time with your family, to staying indoors and spending time in front of screens. 

While we can bond over our favorite TV shows and movies, nothing will replace the bonds created by spending time in-person with each other. The best metric to demonstrate this is that church attendance has declined dramatically between the 1990's and today. To show this, in 1998, 62% of Americans said that religion was very important to them. By 2023, only 39% said that religion played a vital role in their lives. 

Is it any wonder why many young Americans in particular feel this way? Every day at school they're taught that they can't relate to each other if they're different races, and that who you're attracted to is the most interesting thing about your personality. 

Of course, there is one metric that increased according to Americans in the past two decades: the importance of money. In 1998, only 31% of respondants said that money was very important to them. Now that number is up to 43%. It's clear that Americans are less religious, more divided, and hungrier for personal wealth than in the past. 

The only question remaining is what can be done to stop this? Maybe we can start by caring for each other in public spaces that we share outside of the office and our homes. I have the perfect spot: church! If more Americans attended church, they would be taught that we're not different based on our ethnicity, and that we should equally care for each other in times of need. I'm not saying it would solve every problem in America, but it would certainly be a good start. 

If you would like to read more about how Americans feel about America, please read this article from Libby Emmons of Human Events. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 

A new poll out from the Wall Street Journal shows that we are destroying our country from the inside out. We are not succumbing to invaders, we are not being victimized by outside forces, instead we are relinquishing the values that made our nation great, cutting our future off at the knees, and retreating to our own corners to watch our country crumble.

Patriotism, religious faith, family, wanting children, have all taken a backseat to the divisive identity affiliations of multiculturalism, and a love of money. There has been a stark increase in deaths of despair, particularly among white men. The intentional racial and gender identity divisions are implemented by the elite classes, creating an America that hates itself and roots for its own failure.