Religious Groups Criticize Government Surveillance of “Religious Texts” Transactions

Jan 22, 2024 | Political News

The Epoch Times has found that religious leaders and advocates for religious freedom are expressing significant concern. This comes after information surfaced that, as part of their investigation into January 6, 2021, federal officials encouraged banks and other financial entities to surveil customer accounts using search terms including “religious texts,” “MAGA,” and “Trump.”

The criticism mounted among those fighting for religious liberty, as these searches were conducted absent judicially authorized warrants. Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, a non-profit organization centered around traditional values, found such actions by the Biden administration appalling.

“This is beyond alarming,” Perkins told The Epoch Times. “If we did a word search in history of the type of activities the Biden administration is engaged in, it would return words like ‘KGB,’ ’totalitarian,‘ ’repressive,’ ‘anti-democratic,’ and ‘grave threat to freedom.’”