RELEASE: TPN’s Ryan Chamberlin On Cause Of Dramatic CNN+ Failure: ‘Woke-Drenched Production System’

Apr 28, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

April 27, 2022
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TPN's Ryan Chamberlin On Cause Of Dramatic CNN+ Failure: ‘Woke-Drenched Production System' 

“They can’t even produce content that the left wants to watch.”


(MELISSA, TEXAS) – True Patriot Network founder and CEO Ryan Chamberlin joined Real America’s Voice last week to discuss the dramatic downfall of CNN+.

“It really is proof. . . this woke-drenched production system that they have out there is just not panning out,” said Chamberlin. “Not only did CNN tank but Netflix is plunging, we saw what happened with Disney this past week, and up until a couple of weeks ago, Twitter was tanking until Elon Musk decided to shake things up there.”

To make matters worse for the company, CNN+ failed not one month after its launch.

“This has got to be a huge embarrassment to them, hundreds of millions of dollars tanked,” Chamberlin said. “They can’t even produce content that the left wants to watch.”

Ultimately, Chamberlin believes, it comes down to values. Values are why CNN+ tanked and why he believes TPN will succeed.

“We’re going after the Facebook market because we believe there are a lot of unhappy Facebook people out there that just want a community-driven platform that’s built on values.” 

“We allow the conversation from all sides,” Chamberlin emphasized, adding that the trouble especially for children today is that they're being fed woke ideology with nothing to challenge it.

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