Real Voter Suppression

Mar 31, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

Do you remember all of those Democrats who were crying about voter suppression in the past few elections? Well, it turns out they were right… kind of. Instead of Republicans suppressing minority voters, the opposite happened: it seems that Democrats in Luzerne County were busy preventing Republicans from voting in their district. 

According to The Federalist, thousands of registered voters in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, were turned away from polls in the 2022 midterm elections because the polling station was “out of paper”. This is interesting, because many voters in the county were able to cast their ballots, despite the organizers giving excuses to turn away many Republican voters on the same day. 

So which is it? Was the precinct actually “out of paper ballots”, or were they deliberately trying to suppress the votes of thousands of their fellow Pennsylvanians in an attempt to sway the midterm elections? If you ask people like William French and Melynda Reese, then they would tell you there was blatant voter suppression happening during the midterms last year. 

While Democrats love to call foul when a minor inconvenience happens at the polls, they remained quiet when worse actions were taken against their political opponents. In this country, if every vote really does matter, then we should treat everyone the same at the polls. I'm tired of the voter manipulation, ballot harvesting, and voter suppression that has plagued our recent elections. If we really care about election integrity in this country, isn't it time we do something about it? 

Fortunately, the people of Luzerne County are suing the county, its Board of Elections, and its Bureau of Elections in the federal court. Only time will tell where this story goes, but I wasn't at all surprised to see the mainstream media overlook this huge election fraud story from 2022. 

If you'd like to read more about the Luzerne County lawsuit and the blatant election fraud that took place during the midterms, please read this article from the Federalist. An excerpt from the article has been copied below: 

French and Reese are just two of the thousands of voters affected by poor election administration in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The two just sued Luzerne County, its Board of Elections and Registration, and its Bureau of Elections in federal court for violations of their constitutional right to vote.

“Voters in Luzerne County through no fault of their own, were disenfranchised and denied the fundamental right to vote. William French and Melynda Reese are two of those voters. They bring suit to vindicate the denial of their sacred right to vote, to make sure voters are not disenfranchised in the future, and to bring integrity back to elections in Luzerne County,” said Wally Zimolong, lawyer for French and Reese.