Ratings-Savy Trump Proven Right: Chris Cuomo’s New Show Gets Far WORSE Ratings Than When On CNN

Oct 7, 2022 | Political News

Disgraced CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s new show with NewsNation has been a total and complete flop, performing even worse than Cuomo's CNN show. 

His new show, titled, “CUOMO,” only garnered 147,000 total viewers. When Cuomo was on CNN, he was viewed by 675,000 viewers. Both of these numbers are completely squashed by Fox News who received 2.45 million viewers in the same time slot.


“I would like to dive right into the issues that are being ignored at home and abroad and the game that is driving our politics, but obviously, this show is not a normal show start, given how I got here… I have been humbled by what happened and I am also hungry to do better in a way that I was not before,” Cuomo said.

“The majority is not about left or right, you’re about reasonable. That’s why I’m going to rely not on reading tweets to measure your feedback, I want to go old school here,” Cuomo added.

“It will be a time for us to discuss our society as adults in the room, not some raging radicals or somebody with keyboard muscles,” he continued. 

These new ratings must be music to the ears of President Donald Trump, a man who knows ratings very well.

When CNN indefinitely suspended Cuomo in November 2021, Trump wrote in a statement, “The big question is, was it because of his horrendous ratings, which in all fairness have permeated CNN and MSDNC, or was it because his brother is no longer Governor? Probably both.”

Chris Cuomo was suspended from CNN after it was revealed he was guilty of helping his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, get out of hot water over sexual harassment allegations.

Trump described Andrew Cuomo in a statement in August 2021, writing, “To tell you the truth, this guy is a TOTAL LOSER, and New York, as well as the entire Country, is better off without him.”

“The New York Attorney General’s office released transcripts and exhibits Monday that shed new light on Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s defense,” CNN said in a statement to The Hill.

“The documents, which we were not privy to before their public release, raise serious questions. When Chris admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. But we also appreciated the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and job second,” CNN said. 

 “However, these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation,” CNN added.

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