Queer Couple Turned Tricks For At Least Two Years While Working As Substitute Teachers In Tennessee Schools

Oct 25, 2023 | Political News

A “queer” couple who prostituted themselves for at least two years while also working as substitute teachers in Tennessee schools were busted in an undercover sting four months after we reported that one of them was working at an elementary school in Hamilton County.

Following the incident, twenty-two year old Ezra Fry who had worked at East Ridge Elementary School told the Chattanooga Times, “I’m a non-binary person, and I keep my gender out of my job.”

Fry was told not to return to East Ridge but was allegedly working at Windmere Elementary at the time of the arrest in August along with twenty-five year old trans “husband” David Acevedo who worked at Calvin Donaldson Elementary. Both were working as special education teachers according to what they said to police officers.