President Trump’s Truth Social Tops Download Charts in Major Win for Free Speech

Oct 16, 2022 | Political News

This past week, Truth Social, the censorship-free social media platform created by President Donald Trump, topped the Android charts as the app was finally allowed to launch onto the Google Play store.

In a statement released Wednesday, Google stated that they believe that Truth Social will “effectively moderate user-generated content and remove objectionable posts such as those that incite violence.”

Truth Social has been in the Apple store for many months and much like its debut on Android products, it dominated the Apple charts with its initial launch in February, according to CNBC.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Google, and we’re glad they helped us to finally bring Truth Social to all Americans, regardless of what device they use,” Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes said in a statement. “Today marks a significant milestone in our mission to restore free speech online.”

The former president decided to create Truth Social after he was banned from Twitter following January 6th. Truth Social is a great place for conservatives who are being unfairly censored on other platforms. However, it is also reaching non-conservative audiences as well.


The social media app's success drove investors to pile into Digital World Acquisition Corp., the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) that owns Truth Social, leading to a 15 percent increase in the stock's price on Thursday, according to the New York Times.

The success of the company seems bright. With Truth Social becoming increasingly popular and Elon Musk planning to go forward with the purchase of Twitter, the social media world is being shaken up as free speech once again takes center stage.

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